Norwell Dairy – Norwell Advantage

The "Norwell Advantage" scheduled maintenance program trouble free milking

Regular maintenance checks and accurate performance testing of milking equipment are essential to profitable milk production, consistent milk quality and herd health. That is why the Norwell Advantage scheduled maintenance program is essential to today's dairy farm.

You keep your valuable herd healthy and maximize milk production and quality

Any part of a milking system that is not functioning at top efficiency may result in reduced yield and increased milking time. Lack of maintenance and thorough cleaning effects milk quality.

Scheduled maintenance is designed to stop problems before they start

Your milking equipment works harder than anything else on your farm except you - many hours each day, 365 days a year. Breakdowns cost time and money and cause unnecessary stress both to you and your herd. Regular servicing is essential to detect inevitable wear and tear before expensive problems are caused. Prevention is better than cure and it's cheaper.

Save Money

Unexpected breakdown, abnormal wear increasing milking time, poor milk quality, reduced yields, loss of milk; these are all factors that decrease the profitability of your operation. With the Norwell Advantage scheduled maintenance program these problems are reduced to an absolute minimum and you maintain or even increase profitability.