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Since many of the events in the everyday management life of the Small Ruminants are characterized as mass events and it's important to have this data entered rapidly and accurately to the computer, it is necessary to have a unique device that will have the option to be synchronized with the updated information from the management software and be able to collect the data. For these purposes we have the Afi2GO which is a portable PDA device used for reporting events and animal treatments. The Afi2GO PDA is a tool in the hands of the herdsman for accurate and efficient data collection. It was developed as a complementary accessory to the AfiMilk system for easier reporting of events while working outside the office, during lambing, pregnancy diagnosis and other animal's treatments.

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AfiShepherd is an automated system that captures information about the performance of each animal, builds a database and generates the reports needed for the different aspects and types of decisions required in sheep and goat farms. AfiShepherd is an advanced management tool for the sheep and goat herd farmer and is the product of years of experience and expertise that has been tried, tested and proven in the field.

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Afi Shepard

ID Tags

The identification solutions are varied and include ear tags, boluses, and leg tags, and are suitable for different types of parlors side by side, rotary, per stall and entrance ID according to the requirements of the user. 

Currently the system complies with HDX tags due to their superior identification quality and with ISO standards ISO-11784 and ISO-11785.

Tags Side by side entrance Side by side per stall Rotary entrance Rotary Per stall Sorting system
Leg tags Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Ear tags Checkmark   Checkmark   Checkmark
Bolus Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark

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