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24/7 Service

Norwell is proud to be able to offer excellent service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians are always on call to serve and support your equipment and cooling service needs. The after-hours calls are automatically routed to a call centre where you will be asked to leave your contact information with the operating attendant.

They will then forward the call to our on call technician who will call you back for details on your current issue as well as;

  • Let you know we have received the call and are promptly looking after it
  • Attempt to solve the problem over the phone by having you or your personnel check a few things, or confirm that a technician is on the way

After Hours Please Call

Drayton: 1-519-638-3535

Woodstock: 1-226-242-0600

Brinston: 1-613-652-2009

Oakwood: 1-705-536-1177

VMS Technical Support: 1-888-654-1355