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Professional Services

Norwell Dairy Systems is pleased to be expanding our services to bring you Professional Services to better support you and your farm needs. With this new program we will work with you to bridge the gap between your vet, feed advisor, software system and any experts/advisors already on your farm to make sure you are getting the most profit out of your farm.

The initial consultation will focus on your specific software questions; whether Delpro, Alpro, AFI or Dairy Comp 305 and making sure you are getting the most out of your system. Our team will work with you to interpret the data from the software system to encourage you to evaluate the herd and provide critical thinking and the best way to make your farm more profitable.  Our advisors can also touch on milk production and building an average lactation for your farm while looking at your cows and heifers and whether they are peaking high enough and at the right time to meet your goals. Together we will analyze your nutrition, udder health, milk production and reproduction to pinpoint critical areas where there could be a shortfall that is affecting your overall production levels.

Description of Services

Herd Management Advisory will offer four categories of services including; milk production, udder health, reproduction and nutrition.

Milk Production

  • Are your cows peaking high enough
  • Are you heifers peaking high enough
  • Are fresh cows in the transition period performing as well as they could be
  • Are fresh heifers in the transition period performing as well as they could be
  • Is your production curve persistent for cows
  • Is your production curve persistent for heifers


  • Heat detection and optimum timing of insemination
  • Checking for heats and silent heats, likelihood of success at insemination
  • Does the current 21 day pregnancy risk fit your goals
  • Does the heat interval analysis identify any issues

Udder Health

  • Evaluate your udder prep routine with average flow rates
  • What % of milk are you harvesting in the first 2 mins.
  • Satisfactory early detection of mastitis


  • Digestion issues with decrease in production rate and decrease in conductivity
  • Feeding and energy balance, protein levels
  • Rumen acidosis low fat syndrome, negative energy balance, simply indigestion

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact; or call 519-638-3535.