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You've Got Mail

In preparation for Norwell Dairy Systems to be able to email you your statements and invoices we require a current email address. Since we are only able to email to one address per customer, please ensure you provide us the preferred address for your monthly statements and invoices. We will be offering the first 200 people who sign up for email statements a FREE pair of work gloves.

You can provide this information to us by emailing us at providing the followingthree items:
1) Customer ID/Account Number (begins with a C0)
2) Name as it appears on the Account
3) Email Address

Or fill out the form to sign up below!
While our preferred method of sending you your statements and invoices will be email, we will still have the ability to physically print and mail them to you through Canada Post.

Thank you for assisting us in this transition!

Please enter your phone number.
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