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EASYFIX Cubicles

The revolutionary EASYFIX cow cubicle delivers the freedom of the outdoors-indoors and is proven to maximise cow comfort, improve safety and increase performance.

This flexible cubicle system accommodates the size of each cow, encourages them to lie correctly and for longer periods of time. Increased lying times combined with improved cow comfort are proven to result in higher milk production.


  • All cow sizes are accommodated
  • Cows are encouraged to lie correctly in the cubicle bed
  • Cubicle beds are more spacious; cows lie down quicker and for longer periods
  • Increased resting time leads to higher milk production
  • Improved cow comfort which helps to reduce healthcare and vet bills
  • Reduced replacement rates


  • Flexible plastic pipes, rubber neckrail couplings and loop
  • Post manufactured from 4mm box steel (Traditional steel cubicles are 2.7 – 3.0 mm)
  • Easy to install
  • Available in red, green and blue



The EASYFIX Evolve feed rail is a unique departure in animal feed systems that optimizes cow welfare and performance.

The feed system, designed by EASYFIX, extends the cow’s reach and allow for increased feed intake. The unique design also provides safe access and egress for farm workers.


  • Galvanized steel frame with curved plastic divisions.
  • Flexible plastic pipes that shape to the animal’s body.
  • Modular system.


  • The open system allows essential head movements during feeding and more natural feeding behaviour.
  • Increases feed intake.
  • Provides better access to feed due to the increased reach of animals.
  • Eliminates injuries and marks which are traditionally associated with steel barriers
  • Reduces stress.



The EASYFIX EasyFeeder is an interlocking plastic trough system for feed lanes. The molded, non-toxic and shatterproof plastic has a smooth, raised and sloped plastic surface. It is suitable for use with all diet feeders and mixer wagons.


  • Interlocking plastic feed trough system
  • Sections can be interlocked to give the required length
  • Adjustable width to suit feeding needs
  • Caps at the top for filling with water and release plugs at the bottom
  • Moulded fork lift points
  • Lightweight shatterproof plastic


  • Reduces feed waste and labour
  • Increases feed intake
  • Reduces contamination from birds and rodents
  • Feed always remains in front of the animal
  • Suitable for use with all diet feeders and mixer wagons


  • 1570mm (l) x 650mm (h) x 650mm (d) (61 3/4” x 25 5/8" x 25 5/8”)