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Stall and Alley Mats

We offer comfort rubber mats for every application in the cow house, especially developed for and optimally adapted to the particular demands of dairy cows respectively young cattle. Our dairy cow rubber floorings are more than recommendable, not only for animal health reasons, but meet the economic requirements of a farm as well. Our rubber mats are highly suitable for both new construction and renovation. 

  • Improved claw-health and higher walking comfort
    • KRAIBURG walking area mats are claw-friendly and enhance slip-resistance.
    • Their effect is curative (healing) to the claws, because the claw sinks into the mat.
    • Elastic floors enable cow claws to regenerate. Claw diseases decline drastically.
  • Higher activity and increased milk yield
    • On soft rubber floorings the cows walk free of pain and anxiety, and as much as needed to cover their demands, like in the pasture.
    • This expresses itself in measurably higher activity and natural behaviour.
    • When cows walk up to 1000 meters more daily and eat more often, then higher performance / productivity is inevitable.
  • Better fertility and longevity
    • KRAIBURG walking area floorings increase reproduction rate as they improve fertility and the cows show their oestrus more openly.
    • Stock replacement costs decrease and the cows live longer.

Wingflex Mat: Stable wing profile creates high permanent softness and durability which allows the mat to adapt optimally to the cow’s body shape. The soft lying area within the mats edges supports the correct resting position of the cow and improves slip resistance. 

KKM Mat: The highly wear resistant honeycomb profile creates excellent and permanent lying comfort. Integrated soft slope to rear edge promotes drying off.  

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