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DeLaval Teat Dip


LactiFence provides effective disinfection immediately after milking and forms a thick film, offering your cows a persistent, physical barrier against environmental bacteria that lasts for up to six hours.  The synergistic blend of active ingredients provides optimal teat disinfection, while the rich emollient mix hydrates and softens the teat skin. Furthermore, thanks to its high viscosity and green appearance, the film clings exceptionally for optimum teat coverage and protection you can see.

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Della One

1% iodine post milking teat dip providing a broad spectrum and non selective anti-microbial effi cacy. • 12% skin conditioners (10% glycerin, 2% polyethylene glycol) for maximum gentleness on the skin. • Residual anti-microbial activity so the cow is protected from the hostile environment long after milking. • Forms a soft and fl exible fi lm that will not crack or peel once dried. • I-Tech with 10 to 14 PPM of free iodine for a high level of active ingredient found in an iodine dip. • Advanced Conditioning Technology for the ultimate teat skin therapy.

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Della Soft

Della Soft delivers a 1% iodine with 10& Glycerin, making it the ideal post-dip.  It contais the next generation of “free” iodine technology: I-Tech 2.

Della Pretech Plus

Newest 0.25% Itech 2 pre and post teat dip for superior mastitis protection.  Pretech Plus has been shown to dramatically reduce new intra-mammary infections while conditioning teats for improved herd health. 

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Della Blue

Prevent new infections with this broad spectrum teat dip.  Della Blue contains glycerin to promote softer, more supple teats.  Contains .5% chlorhexidine acetate.


Tri-Fender is a premium iodine-based teat dip that has been developed for automatic milking systems and approved for use with DeLaval VMS™. The solution’s spray performance is superior as it works in harmony with your machinery. Containing high free-iodine technology and Advanced Conditioning Technology (ACT) for a greater bacteria kill and teat conditioning

Della PRO

Della Pro is the first .25% iodine pre and post teat dip approved in Canada.  With its unique high free iodine formulation, it kills bacteria in seconds while being very gentle on teats.


Vanquish Pre Post is a two-part chlorine dioxide solution designed to fight off contagious and environmental mastitis-causing bacteria while protecting teat skin. The chlorine dioxide in Vanquish is an effective germicide that vanquishes mastitis-causing pathogens by oxidation. It is environmentally friendly and safe for cows. The formula delivers exceptional teat conditioning with a high speed of kill for optimum mastitis prevention and contains 7.5% emollients to help promote smooth, healthy skin. This teat dip can be used year-round or as part of a rotational udder hygiene program.  

Product is available in 20L, 55L and 205L sizes.