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Pre/Post Auto Teat Sprayer for Rotaries

The effectiveness and reliability of the teatwand concept allows you to confidently make your rotary dairy a one person operation. This new development in the teatwand concept has taken another step forward with the incorporation of;

  • Longer reach-500mm, which enables the arm to reach beyond the front teats.
  • Two nozzles- one facing forward and one facing backwards so that all sides of the teats are fully covered.
  • The addition of a cow position sensor to finely tune the timing of the spray start.
  • A new intelligent control system, which allows 3 bursts of spray instead of a continuous spray.
  • The combination of the cow position sensor and the new intelligent control system minimizes spray usage yet provides excellent coverage of all sides of all 4 teats. Typical spray usage is below 20mls/cow.
  • The spray savings and the better coverage will soon pay for the cost of the TEATWAND EXACT in reduced teat spray usage, less clinical mastitis and lower SCC.
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