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Milk Cooler

Bulk Tank

Mueller milk coolers are available in 15 models and 12 sizes from 400 to 8,000 gallons to suit the needs of small and large operations. Our milk coolers also come standard with heavy-duty agitators and automatic washing systems. The Mueller milk coolers can be adapted to your operational needs using the Mueller refrigeration and control systems that provide the most suitable range of features.

  • Front Mount Pump (OH Model): Mueller front mounted wash pumps were developed to simplify the milk cooler washing process for the end user. The wash pump is neatly tucked away in the front corner of the milk cooler making inspection, wash hook up and servicing a breeze. 
  • Front Mount Wash Controls (OHF Model): Mueller milk cooler front mounted controls were developed with the end user and installer in mind. The all in one factory installed front mounted control system only requires electrical service connections, 24 volt condensing unit signal connections, water connections and wash chemical hose connections at the time of install.
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Mueller Tank
Mueller Tanks

Fre Heater

Whether your dairy farm operation is large or small, you need plenty of hot water for equipment cleanup, cow prepping, and feeding calves. What better way is there to meet your everyday needs than with free hot water? The Mueller Fre-Heater recovers wasted heat from your milk cooler's condensing unit and uses it to heat water you can use for feeding calves and cleaning. Adding a Fre-Heater to your milk cooling system will drastically reduce the cost of hot water in your operation, thereby lowering your cost of production and enhancing your profitability

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Model D Fre Heater