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External Rotary

Parallel Rotary PR2250

DeLaval Parallel Rotary PR2250 provide all the benefits of rotary milking, with a significant extra benefit: each rotary is configured to suit the individual requirements of each farm. Your rotary will be tailored to fit your farm.

  • external rotary milking
  • 30 up to 80 bails
  • excellent cow positioning

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Parallel Rotary PR3100HD

DeLaval Parallel Rotary PR3100HD is a parlour that combines unique engineering with cow comfort and operator efficiency. It enables you to milk your large herd around the clock, in a calm environment, with excellent throughput and milk production. Milk more cows per hour with fast entry, fast exit, high throughput. When you have hundreds of cows to milk, milking many hours per day, you need a reliable high-performance system.

  • Milking 12 to 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  • Angled stalls for continuous cow flow
  • Smooth entry, easy udder access
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Parallel Rotary PR3100HD